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Yonex Cyberstar XC+ Hybrid (Graphite)

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Yonex Cyberstar XC+ Hybrid (Graphite)

Yonex Cyberstar XC+ Hybrid (Graphite)The Yonex Cyberstar XC+ hybrid features a lightweight high tensile carbon graphite crown fused to a SUS630 steel face and a sole that incorporates a dual tungsten weight balance structure for more consistent results. The valuable weight saving gained from the lightweight crown allows the centre of gravity to be positioned lower and deeper within the club for a high launch, giving a softer landing and shot stopping control on even the firmest greens. The Yonex Cyberstar also uses a 2 way round sole which further improves performance by reducing unwanted turf drag ensuring maximum energy is transferred through the ball for long explosive distance. The hybrid features a dual tungsten weight for heel toe balance and a lower and deeper centre of gravity for those high towering shots from the tee and the fairway. The XC+ hybrid features a Yonex engineered carbon graphite shaft that incorporates hi-stability technology for improved accuracy and the Centrifugal Force System (CFS) for greater distance makes this one of the hottest Hybrids in the market. If your finding it hard to hit your long irons consistently well then this is the perfect club for your game, as the Yonex Cyberstar XC+ Hybrid will allow you to hit high towering golf shots from all lies helping to reduce your scores.
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flex of shaft on ladies cyberstar XC+
can you tell me what the shaft is on the yonix cyberstar XC+ ladies club, I am looking for a super light. Thanks
asked 5 years, 4 months ago
on Yonex Cyberstar XC+ Hybrid (Graphite)
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Hi there,

The shaft in the Yonex Cyberstar XC+ hybrid is the HS60 Hi-Stability option.

This shaft from Yonex comes with technology called "CFS." This means that the walls of the graphite shaft are very thin, whilst still maintaining the strength and stability of a standard graphite shaft.

The fact that the shaft is very light, means that the majority of the weight of the club is positioned in the head. This means it has a low cente of gravity.

What this means for you is that it will be very easy for you to get the ball up into the air.

So yes, the Yonex Cyberstar CX+ does come with one of the lightest ladies shafts available.

Good luck with your game!
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answered 5 years, 4 months ago
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